6 Reviews on “Dr. Kristina Hammer MSPAC, DMsc”

6 reviews
  • Kristina is amazing! She is the only doctor I have ever had that makes me feel like she truly cares for me and wants to help me with the problems/issues I am having. She was able to diagnose my husband after years of searching and he now feels better than ever! I have recommended her to many friends and family and will continue to do so because we trust her!

  • Lissa Farmer Apodaca

    Dr Hammer is skilled, and she read my chart before I went in so she knew my history. She listened to my concerns and explained in terms I could understand what was going on and a way forward. She order tests and got back to me in a timely manner and explained my results. I never feel rushed with her. I feel spoiled having a doc giving me the time to listen to my physical and mental health concerns. I’m so grateful my daughter, a nurse, recommended Dr Hammer to me.
    During these uncertain times Dr Hammer is in my corner helping me get thru this covid mess.
    I think anyone interested in sound medicine would benefit having her in their corner too.
    I feel blessed.

    1. Lissa Farmer

      I wanted a 5 star review NOT 3 stars.

    2. Lissa Farmer Apodaca

      I wanted to give 5 stars not 2 1/2.
      My apologies!

  • Sharon Berget

    Dr Kristina Hammer, is the Best Dr I’ve ever been to. She listen to me and encouraged my efforts to heal my self through diet and supplements rather than just pharmaceuticals, as that is the way I wanted to go. She knew me every time I came in, She ask me about my family and seem to really connect with me and the plan I wanted to try to heal myself. She took the time, which never happened before. All other Doctors I’ve seen were always in such a hurry to get you done, that I didn’t get the chance to ask all my questions. If you want a Doctor that really cares it’s Doctor Hammer.

  • Andrea Sanchez

    Dr. Hammer is the most thoughtful, thorough medical professional I have ever seen. I would send anyone I know to her.

  • Liz harrison

    She is wonderful great doctor

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