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    They ask you to write a good review for some form of credit which I never even got. The review is placed before you even have experience with the company. So below you will find the real review after dealing with them for more than 3 months and it is not pretty.

    After the initial payment all communication from website development and credentialing stopped or at least Im led to believe this because there is no communication with these departments. I was told the crisis in Sri lanka contributed to the delay but there should still be some form of communication. And why couldn’t the organization find people to assist with these tasks locally even if temporarily. I have been asking for updates for 3 months and have yet to have an ETA on anything. I don’t even have proof of them working on my credentialing but I can only assume they are not because no has even requested additional information from me that would be needed to apply for insurance reimbursement. I also have not been sent any templates or proof of construction of a webpage.
    Initially they will tell you that they will give you a practice gift wrapped in a box but that is not true. They will connect you to Cogworth scheduling (which you can do for yourself), then there is a separate site for seeing patients (if your link works), then another site for prescribing, (you do this yourself) then you must set up seperate accounts for lab orders (you do yourself) or X-rays (you do yourself). So far I have had an LLC and EIN registered by them which takes minutes and I could have done by myself from my PC and save more then 6 grand.

    This is a rip off!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t do it !!!!!

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    This is a very convenient way to carry on a patient visit.

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